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A person involved in a car accident is shaking up. It is very important to seek care immediately to avoid future repercussions. We make sure the person gets the right treatment at no cost to them and receiving the compensation they deserve, if applicable.



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The Pain Management Phase is the most intensive phase of care. This is the phase where the patient is in pain and wants to get out of it. Dr. Strang does a thorough examination and determines how the injury occurred and how much damage was sustained. Every case has a different length and frequency of treatment.





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During this phase, Dr. Strang enjoys working with his patients on stretching and strengthening exercises that will prevent the original problem from reoccurring.  We follow the philosophy of "Tell, Show, Do".  He will teach you how to do a specific stretches for the patient's specific issues.

Chiropractic Maintenance visits allow the Chiropractor to ensure your body's skeletal and extremity joints are kept in optimal positions and functioning properly  to prevent joint misalignment from occurring in the future and possibly arthritis later in life.




Dr. Strang will perform a thorough examination, followed by a consultation to talk with you about his findings. A typical visit might include massage, spinal re-alignment, extremity re-alignment, trigger point work, hot/cold therapy and electrical muscle stimulation. In addition, he teaches stretching and strengthening exercises that allow for the patient to take a pro-active role in their health by prevent issues from re-occurring.