I had a wonderful experience!!! This was my first time ever going to a chiropractor. I went in for lower back pain. I did not tell Dr. Strang that I also had a neck issue on my right side. He started the consultation and he was right on. He explained to me and demonstrated what was going on with me.  After the consultation and adjustment, I felt like a brand new person. My lower back pain was gone. I can do everything back to normal instead of looking like hunched over little old lady.
Susana G.

Had my first session with Dr. Strang and after seeing 3 previous chiropractors I've never been so informed! It was so nice to learn step by step what he is trying to accomplish with my health. He also has a gentle touch when adjusting.

After many years of back and hip problems I finally decided to try the chiropractor and so glad I did! Dr. Strang was extremely friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable in his practice. Within thirty seconds of laying on the table, he was able to tell me multiple areas in need of adjustment. It's two weeks later and I still feel great!
Jade M.

I highly recommend Strang Chiropractic if you have any back issues. Dr. Strang knows his craft and is honest when it comes to providing his expert opinion on future treatments!
Ami P.

Dr. Strang has one of the best bedside manners I have come across. He will make you feel at ease immediately. This was my first chiropractor visit so I was nervous. He was very thorough in explaining the processes of healing my neck issues. He went above and beyond to ensure I received the tools I needed to perform exercises for my neck pain. I highly recommend him and will be returning on a routine basis to achieve wellness
Stephanie G.

Totally recommend!
After leaving Dr. Strangs office my lower back pain drastically decreased! He is very informative, thorough, and personable. He also showed me several exercises that would help with my posture and informed me there is also exercises on his website. Thanks again for such a great experience!
Anisa L.

I've been coming to see Dr. Strang for almost two years. I've always been skeptical of chiropractors, but after my first adjustment, I felt immediate relief and knew I had someone who cared about my health rather than just trying to get me to come back over and over again. Dr. Strang takes the time to truly diagnose you and help you understand what is causing the pain. I never have to wait long, even if I show up early to a session. He has a couple different options available that really allow to experience the ability to heal, feel relief, but also for you to build upon and make progress to where you aren't constantly needing an adjustment. I come to see him about every 6-8 weeks now and recommend him to friends and coworkers when they're mentioning needing a chiropractor. His central location to the city is super nice and convenient.
Chris Z.

After years of back pain, and with the encouragement of Groupon, I decided to finally give a chiropractor a try.  And I am so glad I did!  Dr. Strang was very knowledgeable and immediately upon examination could tell why I have been experiencing this constant pain.  He was very thorough and talked me through the entire process.  His rates are better than other chiropractors I have looked at and even gives an option of a discount for prepayment towards your next visit.  Highly recommend!!!  Thanks Dr. Strang!
Nicole W.

I've been having extreme headaches for 2 months. My son n law found Dr. Strang on Groupon for me. Dr. Strang is very friendly and explained everything clearly. At least 60% of my pain has gone away since the first visit. I will be going back this week.
Angela R.

I came across Dr Strang as a new arrival here in Houston after seeing another Chiro that just couldn't hit the mark. Dr Strang's technical and thorough approach was far and above his local peer and I felt better within an hour of the initial adjustment. And from that point I knew I found my knee Chiro here in town. Thanks Dr Strang for the uplift in how my body feels.
Mike W.

Strang Chiropractic is currently helping me with my musculoskeletal, inflammation, and stress related issues after a motor vehicle accident that occurred in April. In my first session I was educated on the role of a Chiropractors holistic benefits of my medical needs with what I have been experiencing, and it made tremendous sense to me! Which normally, one does not think about in seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Strang is my healer; No pills prescribed!! In just one session my mobility has significantly increased. I look forward to getting myself back to the normal level of living with Strang Chiropractic's excellent treatments. Dr. Strang is most empathetic, I like that he communicated as he worked his skill, it was very comforting.
The location parking is convenient too!
Michelle C.

Strang Chiropractic

After years of skepticism, I can say without  a doubt that Dr. Strang has proven that I cannot live without him. He is able to work wonders on my back and neck and I haven't felt this great in years!
I always recommend him to friends and will go to him until he retires.
Jesse G.

I've been very satisfied coming to Dr. Strang for a couple of years now. Great service and I always leave with my back and neck feeling great with solid and practical advice for staying the course. Oh ace and will continue to recommend this service to others.
Geoffrey C.

At first, I was doing physical therapy for my back and hip, but it honestly wasn't helping me. So I decided to go to a chiropractor to see if he/she can improve my back and hip. I made the right choice by coming in to Dr. Strang's office. He is very thorough in his consultation and adjustments.  He is very professional and patient with me. I will be continuing my sessions with Dr. Strang until my issues improve. I highly recommend him!
Alyssa Y.

This was my first visit to a chiropractor. I had lower back pains. I highly recommended Dr. Strang. He has a nice clean place, very professional, friendly, patient and informative.  I started feeling better after my first visit. Just had my second visit today and I'll be coming back after. He'll have you in and out on time!
Rosalind R.

I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant & all this weight is causing major tention in my back. I looked into getting adjusted and read the reviews on Dr. Strang so I decided to give him a try and it was well worth it! He explained everything to me, ...MoreI'm 7 1/2 months pregnant & all this weight is causing major tention in my back. I looked into getting adjusted and read the reviews on Dr. Strang so I decided to give him a try and it was well worth it! He explained everything to me, adjusted me and even did a massage thing at the end. I felt AMAZING leaving his office and booked with him again!
Jessica D.

Dr. Strang gives you his time and attention. He does more than just crack your back.  He teaches you about your body and how it works and gives advice on stretches and exercises to help correct any problem you may have. As part of his routine he gives a light massage, a heat pad on your back after the alignment as well as a lower back stretch. A great guy! Go see him!
Amy I.

"Dr. Strang is wonderful.  He takes the time to talk to you and find out your needs.  I also liked that he teaches you things you can do on your own."
Sara D.

I relocated from Atlanta, Georgia in October of 2013 where I had only been treated by One (1) chiropractor in the 9 years of my residency.  As a women's bodybuilder it took me several visits to finally find a chiropractor in Houston who was willing to assess  & address ALL of my overall pain/discomfort in the same visits. I consider myself blessed to have found Dr. Strang as my new Chiropractor via a Groupon. He is professional and personable, extremely knowledgeable, utilizes gentle but effective adjustment techniques, and is very patient by answering my questions. His office is beautiful, peaceful, and in a great location yet his prices are very economical. If you are searching for a Chiropractic Home - look no further - Dr. Michael Strang is your man!!
Melynda P.

Hands down the best Chiropractor!!! I Highly recommend him, I been too many different places looking to feel better and I'm so happy I took a chance with Dr.Strang, he takes his time and truly cares about your needs. I had extreme back pain because of my work and I'm finally feeling back to normal after only a few visits!!!! Can't wait till my next appointment :) is always a educational, professional & friendly experience!