My wife found this location through Groupon only looking for a near by quick fix but Dr. Strang has definitely changed my perspective of chiropractors. He doesn't just rush to pop some bones or put any random machine on, leaving you with unanswered questions. He takes the time to listen and explains everything in great detail and in a way that has helped me understand and manage my back pain, most importantly relieve my pain.
I highly recommend him!
Raymond G.

very detailed with explaining injuries and corrections in posture related to every day life wear and tear! Going for second visit now!
Sue M.

I've been getting chiropractic adjustments for over 20 years, and not all chiropractors are created equal. Dr Strang is one of the best I've experienced! No kidding! Yes, the office is lovely, he's a good listener and very knowledgeable. But, what impresses me most is his willingness to continue learning his craft and his ability to think outside the box to give his patients the best treatments for their individual needs.
Monee F.

The first time I went was great. He was inviting and explain everything. From start to finish. No surprises. The next day I had more energy, it was a great experience. I had to make my next appointment write  away. Thanks.
Robert C.

I found Dr. Strang's office through a groupon and I'm really glad I did.  My first visit to Dr. Strang's office was great ! He is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything. As soon as he aligned by neck and back, I felt better immediately. I've already scheduled my next appointment and I'm looking forward to it ! I would definitely recommend Dr. Strang to anyone who is looking for a Chiropractor.
Kevin T

Dr. Strang is very professional, friendly and courteous.  He takes the time to listen to you and he knows how to ease your pain.   He doesn't see you as just a number he sees you as a person.  I walked in with hurting, but I walked out feeling so much better.  The location is very convenient.  I will go back!!!
Patricia J.

Definitely recommend seeing Dr. Strang for chiropractic adjustment. I come down with my left side  body pain and jaw pain only one visit with Dr. Strang i get much needed relief. I have been to several chiropractors over the last couple of years Dr. Strang is the only one who has consistently adjusted me well.
I highly recommend him and trust him to take care of my family.
Mike N.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Strang to anyone having back pains!  Pulled a muscle in my back & was in pain for over a month but after 1 treatment I was up & moving around pain free. I will definitely come back again! He was very helpful & so friendly!  The office had such a welcoming & positive energy!
Khi W.

Awesome place he explained everything to me and made me comfortable. Very amazing experience definitely going again.
Raslyn R.

I am glad I came to Dr. Strang!! Very professional and honest person. Left with a Wow effect which doesn't happen often! My last Chiropractor I went to I was in and out in 6 minutes. Not this place!!! Well worth it.
I left this place feeling fantastic. Actually going back today!
* Call and leave a voicemail!! You won't regret it *
Donta P.

Went in to get adjusted because I was feeling like it was time and Dr. Strang did a great job getting back to feeling good!
Cecilia V.

I have been seeing Dr. Strang for almost two years now. He genuinely cares where you are in pain and takes his time to talk to you about what is causing the issues. He does not financially pressure you in anyway and will be honest with you on how many times you should be seeing him according to your circumstance. I always feel like a new person when I leave his office because of the adjustments made and recommend him to all of my friends and family! I want to go right now! :)
Kortnie S.

It was amazing. I was felt very bad then I went to Strang Chiropracting, I feel great. He explained and recommended to me as my position should improve.
Yosbel R.

Thumbs up!!! I am very happy I finally found a chiropractor that I trust. Excellent personalized care, I highly, highly recommend Dr. Strang. Great office environment, I will definitely come  back for adjustments.
Thank you
Gabriela C.

I discovered Dr. Strang through a groupon and i am very happy i did! He customizes different treatments Everytime i go, and he always knows the best way to help my aches and pains.
Vinda W.

I'm very satisfied with Dr Strang. He's very informative and knows what he's talking about and what to do. He takes insurance which is a plus and doesn't just have you partially well to make you constantly have to come back for your back. I highly recommend him.
Stefan W.

Strang is a warm, professional, entergetic doctor. He won't waste any of your appointment time. He learned about my pain/discomfort, my habits. Gave me a few adjustments. Pointed out a few misalignments before I could tell him what they were, and was quick to offer strategies for solving my discomfort.
Cool guy, he explains everything throughly and lets me ask a million questions.
I had no problem setting up a follow up appointment, and I have complete confidence in my future results.
Edmundo C.

Strang Chiropractic

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Strang to anyone who has back, shoulder, head or neck pain.  I was treated by another Chiropractor that cause me more pain.  I visit Dr. Strang and that was the best decision I made to help relieve my pain issues. I walked in with pain but I walked out feeling much better.   Dr. Strang takes his time to find out what's going on and give you the best treatment for your problems.  He has given me tips and exercise on how to keep my pain level down.  If you want someone to be curiosity and get the job done you want to visit Dr. Strang for your pain relief.
Cathy L.

I HIGHLY recommend Strang Chiropractic!  
A good chiropractor is hard to find; and an exceptional one - you want to shout about it, to help others in need. Dr Strang is very skilled doctor, has a great bedside manner, and his adjustments are gentle and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. He always takes his time, goes through multiple steps of treatment - to insure that the process provides the most relief possible.
The location is easy to get to - Kirby & Richmond; with free parking in the garage. (How rare is that!)  
HIs office is a place of healing; he's got very positive energy. I am very comfortable recommending him to my friends. An added plus - his appointments are always on time!
Pam B.

This was my first time ever visiting a chiropractor, and it was only because I found a deal on Groupon. From the moment I walked in, Dr. Strang made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He also kept me informed about what he was doing during the adjustment and why, based on my body alignment. He helped me to understand exactly how my bones should be aligned from spine to pelvis, and was able to show me as well. This will definitely become a regular visit for me, and I wish I would've discovered Dr. Strang sooner! Before leaving I was able to schedule my next appointment, and I am happy to return! I certainly feel like a new person already!
Melanie T.