Strang Chiropractic

Dr. Strang knows how to pinpoint my problem areas and help relieve stress and pain. Always professional and he likes to get to know his clients. Do yourself a favor and go see him. He's the best!
Rose M.

Wow!  First rate service and Doc Strang really opened my eyes to several areas that will give me the relief I've been craving for the past two years.  A Groupon and convenient location near my job brought me to him, but his knowledge and services will keep me coming back.
Norris T.

Went their for the first time and I Felt more loose and free.

I  visited Dr. Strang's office because I purchased a Groupon. I have to say that this has been the best experience thus far. I've have been receiving chiropractic care for over 10 years now and he is one of the best. Minutes from the Kirby exit on 59 freeway, his location is so convenient. He offer heat and tens unit treatment as well. I've been to other chiropractic centers that offer fast service with no "thrills". If you want to receive quality care, you will CERTAINLY visit Strang Chiropractic.
Chevon D.

Relaxed, easy and enjoyable appointment! I visited Dr. Strang last week because I was experiencing pain in my lower back. He talked to me about my spinal structure and re-aligned my back, neck and hips. This was my first chiropractic experience and I am positive I will be back!
Savannah M.

I was recommended Dr Strang's office, and I can say, everything was better than expected. The cracking sounds that happen during an adjustment scared me so I turned to a medical doctor for help whenever I injured my lower back at the gym. She gave me a back brace and medication which helped briefly but the pain would still return with the same intensity. Dr Strang was my last hope. The environment was calming, and Dr Strang explained everything to me which eased my apprehension. After my visit, I felt so much better. I wish I would have come here to begin with. Thanks to Dr Strang, I was able to return to the gym with no pain. I look forward to future visits at this office.
Tera G.

I went to Dr. Strang because of a Groupon discount and reviews I had read online. The office was clean, Dr. Strang was friendly and services were excellent. Would highly recommend.
Donnie S.

I highly recommend Dr. Strang and his practice!! Hands down the best! You won't be disappointed.
Mario A.

I learned about Strang Chriropractic from Groupon and decided to give it a try even though I had never visited any chiropractors before. Booking the appointment was easy and during my visit, the waiting time was very minimal. The overall experience was quite pleasant. I had a mild lower back pain and felt better after 2 visits.
Jordan K.

Dr. Strang is very professional. He took the time to explain everything I needed to work on for my neck to feel better. I would definitely recommend him.
Stan N.

I really enjoyed my visits to Strang Chiropractic. The office is located in a great area (free parking) and professional setting. This was my first time going to a Chiropractor ever and I felt informed and well adjusted. I would recommend Strang Chiropractic. Thank you!
Jelisa W.

Dr. Strang did an amazing job to relieve my back pain. I injured my lower back somehow by stretching and was in a considerable amount of pain. Thankfully I found Strang Chiropractic through groupon and made an appointment for the following week. Prior to my appointment with Dr Strang, I went to another chiropractor where they spent around 7 min trying to adjust me which was completely useless. Dr. Strang actually took his time and explained what was going on which I greatly appreciated. I felt great after the first session and was able to resume daily exercise.
Kristen H.

Alright, first time to a chiropractor on the advice of a relative. I encountered Dr. Strang by chance and let me tell you: it's been an awesome discovery. He's really friendly and serious at the same time, explaining clearly everything you have to know in a very understandable way. That is awesome. A bummer I move back home from Houston in a few weeks only!
Maxime A.

I suffer from back & neck pain due to scoliosis and have tried many treatments so far but going to chiropractor had been one of the best pain relief experiences so far. Dr. Strang seems to know what he is talking about, he answered my questions patiently and kindly during my first session. He knew exactly where my problematic areas are without even seeing any x-rays or something and with only couple of popping in my spine I felt like a new person after one treatment. I wish I have gone to chiropractic care sooner. I like his tidy office and easy to understand style so I am planning to keep coming back.
Ez W.

Highly recommend Dr. Strang, had a lingering injury for about 3 weeks due to basketball and I felt instant relief after my session. Takes the time to thoroughly explain what's going on with the areas in pain and why. Definitely going back and would recommend to anyone who has back or neck pain.
Juan G.

It was our first time my daughter and I, the place is nice and neat, the doctor is very nice and pleasant and explains everything in detail. He realigned my body and I actually felt so much better walking out of his office.
Krystel B.

I have only had two appointments with Dr. Strang so far, and he has already helped so much with my neck pain and lower back pain. I'm finally sleeping well throughout the night and can feel a difference in my posture as well. I will definitely be returning to Strang Chiropractic! It's a great place!
Christine C.

I had put off going to the chiropractor for a while but a few months ago my back issues turned into knee issues which was effecting my work outs. Went in for an examine and he explained how it was all connected. He gave me an adjustment and I could already feel the relief in pressure. Made my next appointment that day for the following week.
Don C.

I hadn't been to a Chiropractor in many years, but knew I needed to because I have had chronic pain in my right shoulder and in the last year in my right hip as well.  Dr. Strang explained what was going on in my spine, neck and pelvis that was causing the problems, did an adjustment and warm heating pads, and massage to ease the muscles.  He said the spine was now aligned.  I still feel sore from all the years of not addressing the problem, but everything he said made sense and I'm trying to work on my posture at work and at all times to keep aligned.  He also showed me stretches to do with a stability ball (like in pilates).