I found Dr. Strang through Groupon & have not stopped coming since! I'm always taken in right at my appointment time. He always takes the time to listen to see how the adjustments have been holding on. Also, the stretches he recommends me to do have been very helpful! Would definitely recommend!
Mayra O.

I have never been to a chiropractor before but with a friends recommendation and the groupon, I decided to go ahead and try it. Lo and behold I ended up traveling but Dr Strang worked with me to extend the groupon date just a little, and the personalized attention and focus not just on the adjustments but also on answer questions and talking through it make a world of difference. It's only been two visits but so far my back is a lot less tight and hoping a few more will make all the difference in the world.
Divi P.

I highly recommend Dr. Strang. He is very friendly, takes the time to listen and has helped by easing pain and discomfort I had been experiencing. Plus the location is super convenient.
Leanna P.

I practice martial arts and I was having a lot of tension accumulated in my back and legs. I went to Strang Chiropractic and got my back and legs problem solved  in a expedited and professional way. Good place to take care of yourself.
Miguel N.

And so on..

I am extremely happy with the service I received.Dr.Strang really pays attention to you, never rushes you,and explains everything very effectively.I learned so much about my body and posture.After adjustments I felt a huge difference.The doctor is very pleasant and easy to talk to. Massages before adjustments are so good.Office is beautiful!  I am very very satisfied with the service. Thank you Dr.Strang!
Masha P.

I found Dr. Strang's office through a groupon and I'm really glad I did.  My first visit to Dr. Strang's office was great ! He is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything. As soon as he aligned by neck and back, I felt better immediately. I've already scheduled my next appointment and I'm looking forward to it ! I would definitely recommend Dr. Strang to anyone who is looking for a Chiropractor.
Kevin T.

"The doctor was super knowledgeable very friendly I love the time he took to get to know my situation thoroughly and explain to me what was going on with my body my bones my nerves everything! I cannot wait to go back next week! "

"I feel great after my adjustment!"

"He explains what he will do for you and why"

"Dr. Strang is very nice and professional! He gives informative information and exceptional care!"

"Awesome family owned business! Very professional & knowledgeable. Great decor & atmosphere. Overall a great place! We would definitely recommend it & will be returning!"

"Chiropractor is professional and friendly. He patiently listened to all my queries and provided clarifications. I would strongly recommend Rice Village Chiropractic to others as well."


"Dr Strang is awesome, very professional, listens to the clients, and adjusts them accordingly. Highly recommend!!!!"

"Dr. Strang is an excellent Chiropractor"

"very nice staff, knowledgeable, experienced, comfortable/relaxing setting. highly recommended!"

"Dr. Strang was very personable...he explained everything that he was doing. He also gave me handouts with suggested exercises to do at home in between my visits. I am in the process of trying to see if my insurance will pay for Chiropractic visits. I definitely want to return."

"Awesome experience! Recommend to anyone who is thinking of going to a chiropractor, visit Dr. Strang."

"great place, doctor and staff very nice and personal"Type your paragraph here.

I went with strong low back pain and after Dr. Michael Strang gave me the treatment I went home almost without any pain plus the office is nice, clean and relaxing... I recommend with confidence his services because it is really works!!!
Glory K

This was my first time going to a chiropractor, and the experience was much better than expected. Dr. Strang  knows how to explain everything in a simple way, and the treatment is very effective, affordable, and most important, painless. Just one day after my visit, the results are remarkable.
Andres G.

I had been suffering from lower back pain for months and finally decided to see an expert, well I can most definitely assure you Dr. Strang is one. He was able to identify the issue and worked his magic! I felt better than I could imagine with just one visit. Thank you Dr.Strang!!!  This morning was the first time in I have no idea how long I woke up and didn't feel like I was 90s year old!  Just one visit made me feel so much better!
Lauren V.

I recommend Strang Chiropractic. He was very professional and quite knowledgeable. Dr. Strang also was very effective in knowing how to make just the right adjustments. The office is very nice and clean.
Jamey F.

"I found Rice Village Chiropractic (Strang Chiropractic)  through Groupon and am extremely happy with the services I received... Dr. Strang was very attentive when I was explaining my neck and upper back pains.. The consultation was not rushed in anyway... He took the time to teach me exercises to do on my own... I felt immediately better after the adjustment.. Everyone in the office was very friendly and professional... Will definitely recommend to others and will be coming back myself."
Karla G.

Dr. Strang did a phenomenal job on my back. I woke up one day and could not turn my head either direction without acute pain. I chose another Chiropractor originally and they had me waiting in a nearly empty lobby for almost an hour AFTER my paperwork was submitted. This while explaining to them that I was on my lunch break.
Dr. Strang was honest in his time expectations. In addition to the adjustment, he advised me on many things back related. I'm sitting on a wedge right not thanks to Dr. Strang. Liked the therapy enough to go twice and will be back again.
Jabari T.

The office is warm and relaxing. Dr. Strang is very thorough in providing treatment, and there is little to no wait time to see the doctor.

I came in with severe back and neck pain. After a few visits I am able to walk around pain free. If you need a good chiropractor then this is where you want to go!!!
Ray M.

Today will be my 2d visit at Strang Chiropractic and I am already excited. At my first appointment, I learned so many things about what could be causing my neck pain, and I found immediate relief after only 1 session! I will definitely be coming back here!
Mallory S.

Strang Chiropractic

I got an alignment a few months ago and it was amazing! Felt so much better when I left! Fixing to make another appointment!
Domenique C.

Dr Strang is very professional and friendly! The clinic is also very clean and comfortable! Will be back again!
Shengyuan Z.

Dr. Strang is very professional, he explains everything  that he's doing at that specific time. He's also willing to work around your schedule to make sure the appointment is feasible to fit your time frame. It's a very comfortable atmosphere and CLEAN!!! On top of that his services are defiantly well worth it, being after the first session I've  experienced immediate results!
Adoree D.

Got my back aligned and felt a whole lot better. I will definitely be returning regularly.
Raul O.

Some times we try other approaches to get our health back until we are referred to a chiropractor.  I tried an Ortopedic doctor, a neurologist to get a nerve test done. In both I was perfectly fine, except that my lower back pain was still there.
Then, I came to see Dr. Strang and I had an amazing treatment.  He talked to me about the pain , where it was bothering me, and then he showed me how my bone structure was at that point in time. Then he applied pressure in my back, legs and neck. Although I felt some discomfort, it was nothing unbearable. I felt better at the end of the day. I will definitely come back for more treatments.
Malu G.

I have been to a chiropractor before, but Dr. Strang helped me feel much better with an adjustment and he also educated me on what types of stretches are good for me to prevent misalignments and to be more conscious of my posture particularly how I hold my head down and bend my neck. His prices are very reasonable, way better than the last Chiro who charged me $65. Dr. Strang is willing to do a shorter visit just for the adjustment for $25. That means I'll be able to go more often and hopefully be able to go less frequently sooner. I highly recommend him.
Sammy K.

I'm a nurse and I hurt my back at work , so I went to see Dr. Strang. I had a great experience, this was my first time to a chiropractor and I was made to feel very relaxed and at ease. Dr Strang is very skilled and experienced. I left ...MoreI'm a nurse and I hurt my back at work , so I went to see Dr. Strang. I had a great experience, this was my first time to a chiropractor and I was made to feel very relaxed and at ease. Dr Strang is very skilled and experienced. I left feeling very renewed and like a new person. They have extremely reasonable prices that can't be beat. 
Monique R.