Strang Chiropractic is currently helping me with my musculoskeletal, inflammation, and stress related issues after a motor vehicle accident that occurred in April. In my first session I was educated on the role of a Chiropractors holistic benefits of my medical needs with what I have been experiencing, and it made tremendous sense to me! Which normally, one does not think about in seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Strang is my healer; No pills prescribed!! In just one session my mobility has significantly increased. I look forward to getting myself back to the normal level of living with Strang Chiropractic's excellent treatments. Dr. Strang is most empathetic, I like that he communicated as he worked his skill, it was very comforting.
The location parking is convenient too!

Michelle C.

I have had a great treatment and results with my hip and upper back pain due to Dr. Strang. I also appreciate his at-home maintence suggestions. These and other stretching+strengthening moves  have been a lifesaver when my back is in pain from sitting all day at a desk.


What Patients are Saying....

Always a great experience! Dr. Strang is the best!
Wendy B.

"My recent visit to Rice Village Chiropractic (Strang Chiropractic) was by far an exceptional one. As soon as you enter the office you feel the at-home (zen) atmosphere, therefore making ones' visit there a pleasant one. A few years after high school, I suffered from lower back pain caused from certain injuries that stemmed from playing high school sports. The pain was gone after my first visit and thanks to Dr. Strang the treatment has been successful. This was my first time seeking out a chiropractor and receiving treatment and I have to admit that Dr. Strang is great at his profession and is really good at explaining everything."

Francisco O.

I've seen Dr. Strang for approximately 3 years for a variety of issues. He always listens to my needs. I recommend him highly. Thanks Dr. Strang for keeping me well.

I've been seeing chiropractors for almost 20 years and as an experienced receiver I can determine a good one. Also I know that seeing chiropractors is like doing maintenance for your car or your teeth: you have to do it regularly on a schedule.
We moved to Houston this summer and during the first session with Dr. Strang at the Rice Village Chiropractic I knew he is the one I'd like to see regularly on schedule. I liked that he was listening to me, that he was explaining things to me and of course I liked the adjustments he made and how excellent I felt afterward. In short I am a regular at RVC.

Dimtry S.

"Kept me very comfortable through my pregnancy and training for a half marathon.  Very friendly and knowledgeable.  His wife runs the front desk and is so nice.  I would recommend Dr. Strang to anyone in pain.  This office is a life saver."

Lisa P.

My personal trainer recommend I see Dr. Strang for adjusting. I have mild scoliosis and have been feeling a lot of discomfort on my hips, neck, and shoulders. Dr. Strang was helpful and very informative with how to deal with my case. Appointment was easy to book and conveniently located and of course the adjustment was awesome, looking forward to seeing him weekly! Highly recommend!
Cory G.

I have been to other chiropractor before, but Dr. Strang is the person to go. He was so thorough in my 1st visit. He explained why I am having my back pain and what would help to relieve it. He was kind and very helpful. I felt a big difference in the very first visit and recommended Dr. Strang to my friends.

Nashid F.

"I visited Rice Village Chiropractic Monday, due to severe neck pain and shoulder pain. They were so accommodating and fit me in quickly. I was very relaxed by the kind staff and was actually able to turn my head from side to side and up and down when I left, which was a major improvement to my condition prior to the adjustment.
I will definitely be back!"

Trish M.

Dr. Strang is a genius!
I have been to 3 chiropractors before but never have I felt so great after visiting Dr. Strang. He pin-pointed the cause of my pain, suggested corrective actions and did the necessary alignments. He is very knowledgeable and his clinic is very clean. I recommend him to anyone in the Houston area who needs a very skilled chiropractor.
I have already scheduled an appointment for my dad next week (even though he does not have pain, I want Dr. Strang to check his spinal alignment, posture  etc.)
Highly recommend his services; very professional, very knowledgeable and he gets you fixed! (you will thank me later)
Thank you Dr. Strang

Kai I.

I highly recommend Strang Chiropractic!  I was having lower back problems for quite some time and relied on acupuncture and massage to help alleviate the pain.  When the pain wouldn't go away, I finally decided to try a chiropractor, and am so glad I chose Dr. Strang!  The pain drastically decreased after my first visit.  Since then, I have scheduled semi-regular appointments and always leave feeling great.  I continually recommend Dr. Strang to my friends and family.  He is highly knowledgeable and very personable.  Services are reasonably priced and he also accepts insurance.  Win all around!

Stephanie S.

Strang Chiropractic

Dr. Strang is simply fantastic!  He's always friendly & professional, and truly cares about the needs of his patients. My work is very physical & Dr. Strang keeps me moving. His flexible scheduling works me in when I need a last-minute adjustment :).  The office is always clean & comfortable.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Georgann Y.

Dr. Strang is extremely professional and a fantastic chiropractor. He knows more than just one way to perform the adjustments so you will definitely leave feeling great. I also have a very busy schedule and he is very accommodating. I won't go anywhere else!
Kelsey A.

Dr. Strang is an amazing doctor! Best chiropractor I have ever been to! Incredibly professional and genuinely concerned about his patients. I highly recommend Strang Chiropractic, my neck and back feel soooo much better thanks to him and I plan to continue my care with Dr. Strang I will also be taking my mom and my boyfriend to see him. Honestly if your back or neck hurt dont go to a spa instead go see Dr. Strang my back has not felt this good in a long time.

Amy D.

Nice doctor expain  every details step by step I like that thank you Dr Strang for my last visit see you soon.

Karla P.

Got into an accident two weeks ago. Felt soreness on the lower part of my back. Felt like a brand new guy when I left.
Jerome W

I was a man with a troubled back but thanks to Dr. Strang that is now history. Highly recommend this doctor, he will fully explain the problems going on in your body and fix it. If you have even the slightest back pain give him a visit you will not regret it.
- Kevin C (faithful patient)

I've never been to a chiropractor before but I went to Dr. Strang and after my first session I was very relieved and felt great. I highly recommend him if you are having any lower back pain. He is a great chiropractor.

Brianna G.

It's been 5 months with Dr. Strang and after seeing 3 previous chiropractors I've never been so informed! It was so nice to learn step by step what he is trying to accomplish with my health. He also has a gentle touch when adjusting. I've finally shown improvement after the recommended exercises he gives to keep my spine in place!
Maria D.

"Before this place, I had never been to a chiropractor. Needless to say, when I injured my back, a friend recommended to go see one. Thus, Groupon provided answers.
And I was super super happy.
Dr. Strang is definitely a very skilled chiropractor and talks to you to see what you need. He does manual adjustments, muscle stretches, electrical stimulation (via electrodes) and heating pads.
The experience was very very pleasant, and my back felt a lot better even after the first visit! I was able to return to normal activity quite quickly.
This is a family-run business; Dr. Strang's wife runs the front desk. Every one is super nice and professional. I would highly recommend this for anyone who has musculoskeletal issues and/or wellness and lifestyle help."

Lucy Z.

Dr. Strang great! I had never been to a chiropractor before and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
Dr. Strang not only does great adjustments, he also explains to you how your body is reacting to your back being out of place. He also shows you ways to keep your healthy in between visits.
I'm glad I chose Dr. Strang and I will continue to come here! There also is free parking in the parking garage!
Adam S.